an interactive journey by Nicolas Clauss with Sinde Coulibaly, Fatima Draou, Daroga Niang, Mourad Z, Karina Zarate


"five elsewhere" is the result of a double collaboration.
At the beginning the city of Les Mureaux and Nicolas Clauss, artist in residence at the Multimedia Culture Space of Les Mureaux, have come together to organize a workshop for a multimedia creation on themes such as elsewhere and memory.
Then five women and men, Senegalese , Moroccan, Peruvian, Algerian and Malian by birth have contributed to the workshop. Daroga, Fatima, Karina, Mourad and Sinde invite you to discover traces of their rich universe, their "elsewhere".
This journey consists of interactive scenes which rebuild/reinvent their memories from recorded interviews, and as well from personal objects, and pictures and objects found during the workshop.


The author would like to thanks, for their generosity and the part of themselves they have given, Daroga, Fatima, Karina, Mourad and Sinde;

as well as the following people for their contributions and support:

Mahamadou Coulibally and Awa "bessy" Doucoure (for their two-voices translation on the Malian buffalo story), the Les Mureaux Cultural Centre team and especially Leslie Thomas, Helene Bachelot, Gisele Voisard, Alassane Seck and Anne Leclerc, Francois Baxas (for his african sound takes), Jean-Jacques Birge (for his Algerian movies), Frederic Durieu and Jim Andrews (for their technical advises), Jerome Clauss , Patty Grun and Olivier Falkowski (for their encouragements) and finally to Fatimata Seck (and the AFIRM association) and Anita Madavane.